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bbprenatal_-productspotlightOver the years, we have empathized with so many of our Bellybar consumers who were struggling with swallowing their “horse pill” prenatal vitamins. Well, I am so happy to say: NO MORE!

We have launched the most delicious CHEWABLE prenatal vitamin! No more gagging on enormous pills or burping up yucky vitamins. The Bellybar Prenatal chewable vitamins are not only tasty, but they are really good for you and your baby! They contain iron, calcium, vitamin D (200%!), vitamin A, vitamin C, the B vitamins, zinc and much more. And in two small chewable tablets, they are really easy to swallow. It’s good for you, times two!

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  • I have never lived my life like this, properly affected and displaying good breeding. His shoulders hunched and his hair drooped into his face as he lowered his gaze, hanging his head in shame.
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    We’re very excited to partner with Walgreens to make our chewables accessible to most pregnant women - they’re easy to find next to the other prenatal vitamins.

    So, are you struggling with your prenatals? Do you have a friend who is? Well, stop the madness! Grab a bottle of our Bellybar Prenatal CHEWABLE vitamins and you could actually ENJOY taking your vitamins!

    Deliciously and nutritiously,

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    He shied from her proffered touch, her comfort and turned around. Lucas and Elsa were wrapped in each other s arms when there was a knock at the door.
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    Photo credit: citrition.com

    Photo credit: citrition.com

    Wondering how to get through all the holiday party goodies while pregnant? Well, our favorite dietician, Jodi Greebel, has come to the rescue with some healthy eating tips for the holiday season - and guess what?! She’s a new mom herself! Here are her tips and tricks:

    1. Stand (or better yet, sit) away from the food. The further away from the food you are, the easier it is to limit yourself to healthy portions.

    2. Choose whole grains with your meals. Whole grains, such as brown rice, are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber which are essential for preventing constipation (and hemorrhoids!).

    3. Keep the weight gain slow and steady. You need 300 extra calories per day during the second and third trimesters. Gaining the appropriate amount of weight is healthiest for you and baby.

    4. Go easy on the fried foods (like crab cakes, potato pancakes…). Studies show that pregnant woman who consume less fat (it is important to have some fat in your diet) during pregnancy have children who are a healthier weight throughout life. And, remember fried foods make heartburn worse.

    5. Get some exercise. A recent study from The American Journal of OB/GYN shows that women who exercise during pregnancy tend to stay healthier for decades.

    6. Avoid overeating. Besides the extra calories, overeating can also worsen heartburn. Consume smaller, more frequent meals and snacks (like Bellybar - Baby Needs Chocolate is my favorite!).

    7. Go easy on the caloric beverages. Even if you are having a mocktail, those calories from eggnog (pasteurized only, please) can really add up. Try a sparkling water with lime or a club soda with a splash of cranberry.

    8. Find low calorie swaps for some of your favorite holiday dishes. Rather than full-fat sour cream, try low-fat or try chicken broth instead of cream for a sauce.

    9. Bring something healthy to holiday parties. When the host asks what you would like to bring, opt for something that is nutritious so you are guaranteed to have a healthy choice.

    10. And most importantly, carry your Bellybar snacks with you everywhere you go! They will be perfect when you get that chocolate or citrus craving.

    Read more healthy tips from Jodi at www.citrition.com.

    **Jodi (Citrin) Greebel is a Registered Dietitian in New York City and the President of Citrition, LLC. She is also the co-author of the recently published book, The Little Black Apron: A Single Girl’s Guide to Cooking with Style and Grace. Her New York City based practice attracts clients across the country including models, news anchors and celebrities. In addition to private counseling, Jodi is often asked to speak at corporations, non-profit organizations, hospitals and universities throughout the tri-state area. Jodi is also the national spokesperson for Dannon Danimals. She has appeared on Good Morning America, the CW morning news, radio stations across the country such as Radio Disney and CNN International and been quoted in top publications and websites such as: Fitness, Parenting, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Shape, Kiwi magazine, The Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com and CNBC.com.

    Photo Credit: Blisstree.com

    Photo Credit: Blisstree.com

    OK – so we’re not usually ones to toot our own horns, but yesterday we received a very pleasant surprise and were mentioned on the Rachael Ray Show! Hello? WOOT!!!

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  • Toward the back, she found another scrap of paper tucked inside, this one no more than a hasty jotting, likely written in reminder. She looked over to the other bed in her dorm room and it was occupied.
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    The segment featured triplets (one is actually married to Dr. Phil’s son) who are all pregnant (and all expecting girls too!), who then talked about their favorite pregnancy products. And yes Bellybar was one of them! Rachael Ray even thought our name was “adorable.” Thanks Rachael! We had just about all our family and friends DVR the show, but in case you missed it you can watch the segment online here!

    We couldn’t be more thrilled to be mentioned on Rachael Ray, especially since the shout out came from real moms-to-be who love the taste of our bars and the fact that they offer nutritional support specifically for pregnant mamas. Snack on!

    Deliciously and nutritiously,


    Sarah McMoyler

    Sarah McMoyler

    If you’re like me, you prepare for the baby – not necessarily for the delivery. I bought everything we needed by the end of my 2nd trimester – had it opened and washed before I hit month 7! But preparing emotionally for a deliver? Didn’t really occur to me until I went to my childbirth class. So, we’ve tapped the amazing Sarah McMoyler – creator of the McMoyler Method – for some great tips on how to prepare:

    There is only a certain amount of actual preparation to do for birth; particularly when you factor in the very busy schedules of today’s busy expectant parents. There are books out there that suggest a strict regime of what to do’s to prepare for delivery…often creating a sense of overwhelm, and then nothing is done! Rather, pick and choose a few things that feel right to you, that help you feel good inside and out about this impending birth.

    Emotional Preparation:
    • Human beings tend to worry and fret and focus on what-if; this is not helpful. It creates more anxiety, hence more fear. Every time you notice your mind becoming a ticker tape of concerns, STOP, take a big deep breath, sending a rush of oxygenated blood to the baby and releasing pent up tension from your body. This requires some awareness on your part, which is an important part of maintaining a healthy pregnancy as well as an important ingredient later as a new parent…start practicing now.
    • Take 5 minutes a day to tune into this growing baby. It could be sitting in your favorite chair, inside or outside, with a cup of tea or a small notebook to jot down your thoughts. You could simply close your eyes for a few minutes and put your attention inward, focusing on your breathing-breathe in clam and confidence and exhale anxiety and concern…very easy to do and takes only a couple of minutes out of your day. Again, many women think that to derive benefit, they need to spend hours, not so, something is better than nothing, and both of you will benefit.
    • Talk with your partner. When couples carve out time prenatally to prepare for what I consider to be the biggest event of their lives, it makes a difference. Tell them what worries you and what you anticipate needing in labor. Go out on dates, sleep in, go to the movies, take walks, sip tea in bookstores…whatever it is that you enjoy doing together, stock up on it! Newborns do one thing: inhale you whole! Invest in each other now; it will help to hold you over during the early days of parenting.

    * Reprinted with permission from www.giggle.com

    **Sarah McMoyler, RN, BSN, FACCE, CLE and mother, is the founder of McMoyler Method. As a specialist in Labor and Delivery nursing for over 20 years, Sarah has assisted in the delivery of more than 5,000 babies. Her personal view and in-depth professional experience has been integral to McMoyler Method’s success in graduating over 10,000 San Francisco Bay Area coupled to confidently approach pregnancy, prepare for delivery and care for their newborn babies. McMoyler decided to take her method on the road – by presenting McMoyler Method to an international audience through the release of both The Best Birth DVD and Webcast, and a book titled The Best Birth: Your Guide to the Safest, Healthiest, Most Satisfying Labor and Delivery. www.thebestbirth.com

    our litle ladybug

    our litle ladybug

    Now that Emily is almost 16 months, we could dress her up and take her out on Halloween. She LOVED her costume - a lady bug meets a butterfly - but she didn’t really get the whole trick or treating thing. She would run up to the door with her little friends and then just stand there staring at the person who opened the door. It was quite precious actually.
    Well, in one house, she saw a kitty cat inside and ran in to give him a hug! Isn’t it amazing to watch a happy, uninhibited child? Mom and Dad ended up eating her candy - uh-oh.
    I’m having such fun seeing all of our friends’ kids halloween photos. Please share yours with us too!

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    Halloween Belly!  Photo credit: Mariel

    Halloween Belly! Photo credit: Mariel

    Halloween is often all about kiddos – however, what about the mom-to-be? A big bump is a great canvas for fun Halloween cheer – and we’ve scoured the web for some fun ideas for you.

    About.com has some terrific suggestions – from your favorite pregnant celebrity (think Angelina Jolie or Brittany Spears) to looking like you’ve swallowed a basketball. That’s my personal favorite because they suggest having your hubby dress up like a cheerleader! I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I could convince my dear husband to do this. Here are some of their tips: http://pregnancy.about.com/od/beautyfashioninpregnancy/a/costumes.htm

    Helium also had some really fun ideas and they give you great tips for making the costumes yourself. Here are some of their ideas: bun in the oven, gumball machine, bunch of grapes, humpty dumpty, soccer mom, pregnant cheerleader, pregnant man (!), and more. Check it out at:

    Finally, for the warmer climates, what about painting your belly? This sounds like a lot of fun. Check out some cute photos here: http://pregnancy.about.com/od/artpregnancy/ig/Pregnancy-Costumes/

    And if getting creative is too much, here are some online stores who might overnight things:


    Emily is going as a ladybug - it’s our first real Halloween with her and we can’t wait! Send us your pictures next week - we’d love to see them!


    Ah – the joys of pregnancy! The anticipation of knowing you’ll soon meet your precious new baby girl or boy; that rosy mom-to-be glow; and of course, having an excuse to eat that extra scoop of ice cream! All jokes aside, pregnancy is one of the most amazing journeys of most women’s lives, marked with lots of new changes and, err…unexpected experiences along the way.

    Photo credit: Brand New Images/Stone/Getty Images

    Photo credit: Brand New Images/Stone/Getty Images

    If you’ve ever been pregnant, there’s no doubt you have noticed a plethora of seemingly endless changes your body goes through. For me, one of the most bizarre is how you can be perfectly fine one minute, and the simple smell of an other-wise normal, non-offensive food can make you want to lose your lunch the next. I remember when I was pregnant with Emily I craved bananas, but then as soon as I started to eat one, I needed to spit it out and get it as far away from me as possible!

    Come on now ladies – I know I’m not the only one! Was there a food or smell you just couldn’t stomach when you were pregnant? Maybe it was something you previously loved or something you never had any aversion to before. We’re curious what other “anti-cravings” moms out there had while they were expecting, so we’ve created a fun little contest to find out.

    Our friends at Psi Bands have offered to give one lucky mama or mom-to-be a pair of their super cute acupressure wrist bands for nausea relief, just for sharing your pregnant culinary experiences with us.

    Photo credit: Psi Bands

    Photo credit: Psi Bands

    To enter, become a fan of Bellybar and Psi Bands on Facebook, and comment on our Facebook wall with what food made your stomach turn while you were pregnant. On November 2, we’ll select a winner at random to receive this fabulous prize.

    Good luck!


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    Although Jason knew that when the urges hit Lucas, he did act on them, but the woman was distracting him and Jason found it disturbing. It was likely that the dog would only continue until he went to see what Buddy wanted.
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  • Physically Lucas looked about their age, when in fact he was much older. Maybe he d discover that spark with Amanda during the trip.
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  • As long as he got that chip, he could insert it into the device and go to any time he wanted. Valear was adamant when he told Lucas that he was the true Prince of the immortals.
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  • As dear to your heart as you have described her, Lord Roding, Charlotte is a thousand-fold more so to me, he said. We have included some items you might find to enhance your honeymoon.
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    When I was pregnant and preparing for delivery, my husband and I knew that we needed guidance, especially about pain coping techniques. My husband is a researcher, so he bought over 10 books (yes, 10+!) on different delivery styles. However, I learn by doing, so I signed up for the best birthing class ever – the McMoyler Method taught by the fabulous Sarah McMoyler. Sarah has generously offered some tips here for how to cope with labor pain:

    “The operative word here is COPING. This means that she is able to work through the contraction, using vocalization to help her get through the peak of the contraction-when you think about it, the human response to pain has some noise attached to it! This holds true in labor; it needs to be a productive sound, like moaning versus screaming- which can lead to panic-distinctly not helpful. She also needs to allow her partner and nurse to assist her to ‘release and let go’ in between the contractions. This means that she is completely at rest, slowing her breathing and building up energy to ride the next contraction

    While I think it is a great goal to picture yourself moving through labor on your own steam, I also think it is unrealistic and unnecessary to be rigid as you anticipate labor. Remaining open and flexible to make decisions along the way gives you room to choose as your needs become known during labor.

    Stay tuned for Sarah’s next blog entry which will feature specific maneuvers designed to increase coping and assist labor progress.”

    Sarah McMoyler

    Sarah McMoyler

    **Sarah McMoyler, RN, BSN, FACCE, CLE and mother, is the founder of McMoyler Method. As a specialist in Labor and Delivery nursing for over 20 years, Sarah has assisted in the delivery of more than 5,000 babies. Her personal view and in-depth professional experience has been integral to McMoyler Method’s success in graduating over 10,000 San Francisco Bay Area coupled to confidently approach pregnancy, prepare for delivery and care for their newborn babies. McMoyler decided to take her method on the road – by presenting McMoyler Method to an international audience through the release of both The Best Birth DVD and Webcast, and a book titled The Best Birth: Your Guide to the Safest, Healthiest, Most Satisfying Labor and Delivery. www.thebestbirth.com

    melissam-ib-badge-finalWhen I was pregnant, I was so overwhelmed by all of the stuff I had to think about and do before the baby came! So, I called on my friend and colleague, Melissa Moog, to help me. Melissa is the founder of Itsabelly Baby Planners, a leading national consultancy service to help expectant parents figure out how best to plan for their baby’s arrival. From nursery design to baby gear consultations Itsabelly baby planners do it all - taking the labor out of baby making!

    I know that I’m not alone here – so I asked Melissa to create a comprehensive checklist to help new parents navigate the world of planning for baby. So, here’s to happy baby planning!

    1st Trimester (1 to 3 mo)
    • Attend your first OBGYN appt.
    • Find pre-natal exercise classes
    • Announce news to the family
    • Start your first baby journal and read baby books
    • Create your birth plan
    • Tour and select the birthing site

    2nd Trimester (3 to 6 mo)
    • Share news with your boss and plan for maternity leave
    • Make sure you health benefits are in place
    • Share the news with your children (if applicable)
    • Set a budget for baby expenses & new family finances
    • Shop for maternity clothes
    • Assemble your birthing team
    • Sign up for birthing and infant care classes
    • Choose your baby’s pediatrician
    • Design the nursery, paint and buy furniture
    • Plan for pre-natal massages to relieve muscle tension and stress
    • Plan Babymoon – plan a weekend get away with your partner
    • Plan your baby shower with the hostess
    • Register for baby gear
    • Research maternity photographer and decide on date for shoot
    • Discuss daycare options with your partner

    3rd Trimester (6 to 9 mo)
    • Finalize work departure date and maternity leave with your boss
    • Think of baby names
    • Discuss with partner how household chores and cooking will be handled after baby arrives
    • Confirm help for first 1-2 months (eg. doula, mom, relative, friend)
    • Prepare and freeze meals for easy meal planning
    • Install infant car seat
    • Create a will & choose a guardian for your child
    • Having a Boy - Discuss plans for circumcision
    • Purchase baby’s layette (clothes to come home from hospital in)
    • Wash and put away new baby clothes
    • Decide on baby announcements (you can address envelopes now to save you time)
    • Attend baby shower and send thank you notes
    • Purchase must have baby gear - eg. stroller, sling
    • Pack Diaper/Baby Bag
    • Pack your hospital bag and hubby’s bag
    • Prepare phone and email tree to announce baby’s birth
    • Make sure cupboards are stocked with food (healthy snacks, easy to grab food on the go)
    • Make sure nursery has everything you need such as a well stocked changing area
    • Remember to pamper yourself (pedicure, manicure, pre-natal massage)

    4th Trimester (9 to 12 mo)
    • Bring home baby
    • Develop sleep and feeding schedule
    • Take first newborn pictures
    • Send birth announcements
    • Make post-natal doctor appts for you and baby
    • Finalize day care options
    • Plan for visitors
    • Make plans to take your first trip out of the house
    • Join a baby and me group
    • Develop exercise and healthy eating regimen
    • Start baby memory book/scrapbook

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Mahoney Photography

    Photo Credit: Jennifer Mahoney Photography

    **As one of America’s original baby planners and co-author of the new book Itsabelly’s Guide to Going Green with Baby, Melissa Moog brings enthusiasm and authority to all things maternity and newborn. She reviews products and shares parenting tips on her Itsabelly blog and is the Baby Planning Expert for The Bump, which produces “the ultimate local guides to pregnant living.” She also somehow finds time to serve as President of The National Baby Planner Association, is the Pregnancy Planning Expert for Bizymoms.com and writes articles on green living for sparkplugging.com. Melissa can be seen monthly as New Mom Editor on Fox12 BetterTV.

    September is my crazy month. Our team attends 2 tradeshows, and this year they were back to back in Las Vegas and then Boston. This means I’m on the road – a lot! Added to that, my husband (who is a teacher), goes back to work/school – and it’s extra hard when I’m gone because he leaves for school at 6:30 a.m. So, my logistics get a bit challenging to say the least!

    This September was even crazier than usual because my little Emily had a sinus infection and then developed a very high fever - which turned out to be roseola (a nasty virus that is quite common in kids under two – she’s absolutely recovered and fine now!). There’s nothing worse than being away from home when your little one is sick. I flew home early from Boston to be with her and care for her – thank goodness I have an amazing co-founder and team to help cover when needed.

    I hear similar stories from so many moms trying to make it all work. Sometimes I think that my life as a mom is really about logistical management – perhaps my title should be Vice President, Logistics! I love my work and I love my family, but sometimes I wonder how I keep all the balls in the air. What do you do to keep it together? How do you make it all happen? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • What do you want? she yelled as she frantically searched for toilet paper. It had been centuries since he had savored daylight, but his world was now lived in darkness.
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